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Aquamarine: March Birthstone

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Birthstone:  n. A precious or semiprecious stone that is associated with a month of birth. I love birthstones! First of all, they are traditionally set in the form of jewelry (especially rings), and who doesn’t love rings? Also, I love things that stand for something; a symbol, a meaning behind the object. Birthstones are both of those things which makes them extra special, just like you and the day you were born. I will be blogging each month about the birthstone for the month, the meaning, the color, examples of great settings to set your stone, and (since we are a candle company) a candle that signifies or brings the same qualities as the birthstone.  We can’t guarantee that the candle you purchase will have your birthstone in it, but what an incredible and unique birthday gift that would be to know what their birthstone means and gift her with a candle that releases all the same qualities? Now, let’s get started! March Birthstone:  Aquamarine Colors:  Aquamarine has light tones and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green. However, the most valued color of this stone is sky-blue. Meaning: Faithfulness, Courage, Friendship. It is said to cool the temper and helps you to remain calm and level headed. Well, the first candle that comes to mind when I think of the meaning of this precious birthstone gem is Precious Gem Soy Blend candle in Kai Bay scent. It’s got a soothing aroma of exotic spices and a fruity green bouquet of citrus, lilac, rose, and clove. Lilac, rose, and clove are used therapeutically as mood-elevating elements. So, if you know anyone with a birthday in March and are looking to get them a unique gift that represents their birthstone and the meaning behind it, you could gift them our Kai Bay Precious Gem Soy Candle.  It may not have an Aquamarine inside, but it would be fun to put in their gift what their birthstone means, tell them how this candle represents that, and tell them that they are so valuable that the also will find an extra gem inside the candle to do with whatever they please.  A bonus birthday gift!      I love the Aquamarine gem! It’s such a brilliant and clear blue. It reminds me of summer and the ocean. I find that it’s an uplifting color that brings joy, which I’m sure all your loved ones that are born in March do as well.   Here are some of my favorite ways to set Aquamarine: P10747507 images images (4) images (3) images (2) images (1)

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