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Some Cool Things to Know About Soy Candles

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While soy is now well-known as a popular vegetarian alternative to animal products, it may be lesser known that soy is widely used in a variety of both food and cosmetic products. It may be even less known that soy is also an excellent candle base. You may wonder: what’s the difference between soy and regular candle wax.

Standard candles are made of paraffin, a product of petroleum. Paraffin, as a resource, is problematic. Why? Because, it is dirty when it is burned – creating a lot of soot, and putting carcinogens into the air. In short, it’s not the best for your health, home, or environment. It also comes from a non-renewable fossil fuel resource – petroleum.

A soy candle will keep the air about 90% cleaner than a paraffin wax candle when it is burning. This may be of particular interest to parents or owners of pets, or just people who have concerns about air quality in their homes. Additionally, soy is renewable. It is as green as green gets – it comes from a plant.

Drilled from the earth, petroleum resources today are limited and impossible to replenish synthetically. So soy products, if manufactured and produced responsibly, support environmental efforts towards using renewable resources that are much better for the planet.

Another benefit of soy candles is that they burn at lower temperatures, and so tend to last longer.

Precious gem candles are soy-based and infused with delectable scents for great aromatherapy effects. You have the further option of a standard scented soy candle, or a scented massage soy candle. They all come with a hidden gem inside. Gem candles also make superb gifts that combine the desire for relaxation with a flair for luxury. Give the gift of scent, warmth, value and intrigue all in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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