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What’s a Precious Gem Massage Candle?

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Precious Gem carries scented soy luxury candles with hidden gems in two ways to enjoy them – one, the traditional way, which is to enjoy a lit candle as released scents fill your environment. And two, which is to use a massage candle to soothe and nurture your skin for a deep massage.

Our massage candles, like our standard candles, are scented and also have hidden precious gems. They are made with Shea butter, soy, palm kernel oil, and jojoba oil. Just light the candle and then have someone pour the warmed, melted massage mixture onto your skin.

Shea butter, soy, palm kernel oil, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil are all known to be beneficial – suitable in helping to correct troublesome skin, and providing much-needed nurturing that many shelved cosmetics do not offer. The all-natural soft and smooth combination allows for a silky application to the skin; it will be easy to massage the oils into your pores.

The scents infused in each precious gem candle add the gift of aromatherapy to each massage experience. There are currently six scent combinations specific to our massage candle line:

Amani – soothing honey, oatmeal and almond milk

Essence of Morocco – exhilarating mixture of Moroccan peaches, ginger, and clove

Gardenia Grove – a sweet combination of gardenias and peaches

Lady Luxe – a special designer scent

Lavendar Lane – calming and relaxing lavender and sweet sage

Moon Glow – a smoky, fruity mixture

Your massage soy candle is a special treat within a treat. After you’ve enjoyed the aromas, and the sensuous massages, you still have the delight of retrieving your ruby, emerald, topaz, pearl, or even diamond gem from your candle, making for an extra special luxury experience. Our massage luxury candles will make truly special gifts to anyone you think is worthy of being reminded how beautiful and unique they are.


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