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Fun Gemstone Folklore!

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If you are fascinated by gemstones you are probably also fascinated by gemstone folklore. Gemstone folklore originate from the idea that stones have therapeutic or healing powers on the body, mind, and spirit. Mythology about the power of stones is as old as human existence and cultures across the world have their own mythologies about the variety of stones that surround them. The following meanings have become popular in Western mythology.

Identify what stone you have in your precious gem candle, and find the associated meaning. You can also do more research at your library or online. Have fun with it!

  • Amber – helps memory loss; relieves stress and headaches; is calming
  • Amethyst – eases insomnia; encourages meditation, inner courage, and balance
  • Aquamarine – aids mental clarity; eases issues of the liver, stomach, throat, jaw, teeth, ears and eyes
  • Citrine – helps with hearing; brings abundance
  • Garnet – assists the blood and heart; is the stone of love, passion, romance, and intimacy
  • Pearl – is calming; inspires purity, charity, integrity, truth, and loyalty
  • Peridot – helps relationship issues; reduces anger and jealousy; encourages prosperity
  • Ruby – helps the emotions; encourages devotion, happiness and integrity
  • Sapphire – encourages creativity; is the stone of inner peace and meditation; reduces pain
  • Topaz – offers protection from greed; helps balance emotions
  • Turquoise – is used for healing and balance

Collect gemstones with each precious gem candle, and expand your knowledge about gemstone history, origin, geography and folklore. This is one more way to really enjoy your gem candles!


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