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What to do with Your Gemstones

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A precious gem candle may be an excellent gift idea or a special treat for yourself. Gemstones are fun and fascinating – after you’ve enjoyed the luxurious scents of your soy candle, and retrieved your precious gem, plenty of options remain for continuing to enjoy your gemstone. If you have several stones, here are some ideas for what you can do with them:

Display them. You can simply display your precious gems. Keep them in a glass locket you can get from Precious Gem Candles. The glass locket is hypoallergenic stainless steel with a glass face that flips open and closed. The locket can also be attached to a chain. You can also keep your gems in an attractive jewelry box or case that will keep them both protected and accessible.

Make gemstone-collecting a hobby – If you or someone you know are interested in gemstone collecting, that makes a precious gem candle all the more exciting. To begin, you may want to consider a gem collector’s guide. As a gift for a potential collector, a guide can accompany your luxury soy candle gift.

Make jewelry – if you are not a jewelry hobbyist, then the idea of making your own jewelry with your gemstones may be a little beyond you. But there are tons of jewelry castings that are made to snap pre-shaped gems into place. Custom jewelers are also a great resource, and most would be happy to fashion your gem into a work of art fit for wearing.

Precious gem candles come in great aromatic scents and are made with soy, a better alternative for the environment than the standard paraffin wax. We also have massage candles that also come with hidden gems. Check out the different scents we have available – there is something for everyone!


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