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5 Great Benefits of Soy Candles

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All our precious gem candles are soy based with non-toxic wicks, making these luxury candles an environmentally healthier alternative to paraffin wax candles. Soy is a versatile product and when used in candles has 5 great benefits.

1.      Soy comes from the soy bean plant. Paraffin comes from petroleum. While plants are a renewable resource, petroleum is not.

2.      While the cultivation of plants contribute healthy oxygen and other healthy by-products to our air and earth, the extraction and use of petroleum contributes a lot of pollution to the earth’s atmosphere, land and water. Soy wax is additionally biodegradable.

3.      Soy cultivation offers economic possibilities to farmers in a way that is sustainable.

4.      Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax which means it burns much longer than your average candle.

5.      The burning of soy candles do not pollute the air in the home environment the way that paraffin candles do. Paraffin candles release harmful chemicals into the air as well as soot. Soy candles do not.

Each precious gem soy candle is infused with a combination of aromatic scents that are unique and craft-fully made to take the senses to another level. And after you’ve enjoyed your long-burning candle, you can take joy in your surprise gem hidden inside. Enjoy your precious gem soy candle!

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