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The Benefits of Massage

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Our massage luxury candles come in an aromatic line of delectable scents, each of which will transport you to a soul-nourishing retreat far, far away. Added to the experience of each scented candle is the effect of the warm wax on your skin. Added to that, is the healing touch of massage.

There are many types of massages that have their origins in different cultures all over the world. There are different massage techniques; each come with their own set of purported benefits. Some types of massage well-known to the western world include Swedish massage, and massages that are specific to sports injuries or muscle tension.

As you enjoy your massage precious gem candle (and your massage) here is a quick list of some basic benefits that massage is believed to have on the mind and body.

·         Relaxes the mind

·         Reduces stress

·         Eases anxiety

·         Relaxes the body

·         Can ease pain

·         Reduces tension in the muscles

·         Creates a sense of warmth and comfort

·         Can help body strain

·         Helps with headaches

·         Helps with digestive issues

·         Can ease insomnia

·         Can help with muscular conditions

·         Can assist nerve function

·         Helps heal sports injuries

Although a lot of people can benefit from massage, and simple massages can be done on your own or by a friend or family member, harm can be done if you have a very sensitive health condition, or if the massage is not done with care. So take care while you allow yourself to be pampered!

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