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Scented Candles and Other Ideas for Easing Stress and Relaxing Your Mind & Body

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A scented candle has the gift of both aroma and firelight to promote sensations of ease and relaxation. While you savor your precious gem candle, meditate on these other ideas for increasing relaxation in your body and in your environment.

·         A warm bath: heat and water are known for their relaxing properties. Warm water eases muscle tension. The soothing effects on the body soothe the mind in turn.

·         Inspiring music: we are musical creatures by nature. Music has the ability to guide our tap into our emotions. We hear music all the time, but maybe do not hear inspiring music often enough. Create an environment of instant peace with soothing instrumental or meditation music to help your thoughts relax and worries dissolve.

·         Nature sounds: a nature CD can help recreate the feeling of being out in nature with sounds that are very soothing to the senses.

·         Quiet: alternatively, it is hard for many of us to find peace and quiet. You may dedicate a few moments to blocking out all noise from your apartment or home, and allow the effect of silence to impact your mind.

·         A deep massage (with a massage soy candle): massages are sublime; they combine the power of human touch with the science of muscle behavior. A deep massage with one of our scented massage soy candles is the perfect thing to unwind and rejuvenate your spirit. It may even put you to sleep!

·         Low or dimmed lights (or candle light): lighting affects our mood; it can contribute to our irritability or soothe it. Low or dimmed lighting, or candle lighting can help you create a non-

·         Aromatherapy (from your scented soy candle): aromatherapy has long been lauded for its therapeutic effects. Pleasing scents take us to other places. Lighting some incense or your scented soy candle can do trick to give you the sense of ease you need.


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