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Scented Soy Candles and Other Ideas to Help Create a Stress-free Environment

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People have used candles to create mood and ambience in their environment for ages. A scented candle is a modern twist that combines the science of aromatherapy with age-old tradition to offer a soothing, stress-free environment. In addition to making good use of your scented soy candle, there are also other ways you can alter your environment to help usher peace into your daily life. Here are some ideas:

·         Listen & watch inspiring things: whether it is music or a television program, choose some moments to tune out the sounds of drama, mayhem, and violence and instead tune into some inspiring instrumentals, meditation music, an uplifting television program, or whatever it is you find uplifting to your mind.

·         Silence: sometimes there is too much noise in our day-to-day and in our homes. Finding time to tune out all noise or sound can produce a very mind-stabilizing effect. You can create noise-free zones in your home, or create specific times of the day to have complete silence.

·         Lighting: Lighting has psychological affects and impacts moods. Very bright light can have an irritable effect on an already irritable person. In the same way, turning down lights can help to sooth a stress-laden mind. Be conscious about the lighting in your home and tap into how it makes you feel. When you can and want to, turn down the artificial lights and light a precious gem candle for an ultimate moment of relaxation.

·         Home décor: The colors of your furniture, curtains and even carpet can affect mood. Decorations on the wall or other objects of beauty affect your sense of well-being and belonging in ways you may not realize. Is the way your home is decorated conducive to creating a stress-free, peaceful environment?

·         Organization: Many people are negatively affected by disorganization or clutter in their homes. If you are one of those, devote some time to organizing and de-cluttering your home. This will contribute to stronger sensations of clarity which will help to reduce stress levels.

·         Natural light and scenic views: Natural light is known for its positive effects on the mind and spirit. Scenic views of nature are also known to be uplifting. If you have access to either on your home, think about how to capitalize on them in your daily life.


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