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What Makes Precious Gem Candles ™ Different from Diamond Candles ™?

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what makes us different from diamond candles? As a fairly new company, we get this question often. While it may seem like we are offering a similar product as Diamond Candles ™, there are a few differences that we believe set us apart. But first, what do we have in common?

There's no doubt that both Precious Gem Candles ™ and Diamond Candles ™ have amazing customers and fan support. We love how our customers interact with each other on our Facebook, upload photos of their gemstones, and enthusiastically support us. We are beyond grateful for our customers, and want to always treat you with importance and priority!

We believe Diamond Candles ™ offers a great product with an incredible concept. Like our candles, the candles are fun to burn, they are exciting to receive, and have a beautiful surprise inside each one.  When you order a Diamond Candle ™, you know you are going to receive a ring worth $10 - $5000. We decided to offer loose gemstones in our candles so you as the customer have the freedom to choose what to do with your hidden prize. Every gemstone is genuine and has a value of at least $20, but can be valued up to $5000! And, we guarantee that one in every 1,000 candles contains a diamond.

Surprise candles make excellent gifts! We love the idea of being able to give someone a gift that feels incredibly special and made just for them. That is why we offer our candles to be engraved with a monogram…and it’s free! The candles arrive ready to gift in a beautiful, colorful container with a silver lid. Once opened, you’ll see the candle wrapped in white tissue paper, which is almost like getting to open it twice. Imagine smelling the candle as soon as you take it out of the box and the excitement of removing it from the tissue paper to see your monogram on the reusable glass!

Diamond Candles ™ prides itself in offering eco friendly soy candles. Likewise, Precious Gem Candles ™ are also made from soy. Precious Gem Candles ™ has been in the candle making business for 14 years. Throughout the years, we’ve tested countless brands of soy wax and wicks, and we have chosen the highest quality of soy wax that we’ve found, as well as soy wicks. This allows our candles to be called non-toxic as well as clean-burning and environmentally friendly.

One of the things we worked very hard on when developing our candles was choosing and creating exclusive, high-end fragrances. At this time, our soy candles come in 26 different fragrances, and we also have a line of 19 massage candle scents. Paired with our high-quality soy wax, our candles will fill your home with luxurious fragrance.

Our massage candle line is also something that differentiates us from Diamond Candles ™. The massage candles are made from an exclusive formula we’ve created that offers incredible moisturizing benefits with ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. And, they still contain a hidden gemstone, just like the soy candles!

If you’ve shopped for both Diamond Candles ™and Precious Gem Candles ™, you may have noticed one obvious difference in that Diamond Candles ™ are colored while our soy candles are uncolored. There are two reasons we make our soy candles uncolored.  One is to keep them as natural as possible. The second reason is that we want you to not have to choose between scent and color. The natural color allows you to burn your favorite scent in any room with any color scheme, and you don't have to worry about loving the scent but disliking the color.

Our name, PRECIOUS GEM CANDLES ™, comes with two different meanings.  First, we love the idea that you can give a gift with a brand name that has a message in it on it’s own ….. “You are a precious gem.”  Anyone giving the gift of a Precious Gem Candle ™ can give it with this special meaning.  Second, our company is committed to supporting the awareness of children trafficking, and gives to help bring an end to this horrific situation in which countless children are trapped.  As a company, we give 5% of sales, along with our time, to this cause.  For this reason, you can always know that when you purchase a Precious Gem Candle ™ gift, you are doing more than just buying a candle gift.

One last difference is our price tag. Our price includes guaranteed shipping. We've added a lot of information about this difference at FAQ's.

There are many wonderful candles on the market today, and you can now purchase Precious Gem Candles ™ in retail stores, as well as at  We have much to be proud of in our products, and we hope you will decide to give Precious Gem Candles ™ a try.  

If you are a first time customer, and would like to request a coupon to try our candles, just email us at and ask for a first-time customer coupon.  We would love to send you a coupon code!

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