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Chrome Diopside - A Gem with a Short History

Posted on June 02, 2014 by Stacy Harbert | 0 Comments

When most people think of a valuable, beautiful, and rare green gemstone, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the emerald. While the emerald does fit all of those descriptions, there is another gemstone that does as well – the chrome diopside.


Rumors of a beautiful green gemstone discovered in northern Siberia surfaced less than 30 years ago – in 1988, to be exact. Because of the Cold War, restrictions were in place that made access to the area very limited.  After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the market for chrome diopside began to open up.

Although the gem is more accessible than when it was first discovered, supplies have remained limited. The extreme weather in Siberia – yearly average of 4* with lows reaching -50* - means restriction on mining schedules to protect the miners. While small deposits have been found in other locations, the only commercially viable source is in Siberia.

With all of these things taken into consideration, there is a very real possibility that chrome diopside could be mined out within our lifetime. Due to the gem becoming rarer, there has been an increase in value in the chrome diopside, and the value should continue to increase over the years.

The good news for those who love Precious Gem Candles is that dozens of our soy candles have gone out the doors that contain a chrome diopside gemstone hidden inside! We love the idea of our customers receiving a gift that will continue to appreciate in value. Just think – a candle with a surprise that can potentially earn you money!

If you buy a Precious Gem Candle, or receive on as a gift, and your gemstone is revealed to be a chrome diopside, you may notice that the gemstone may be a bit smaller than other gemstones that we send. The reason for this is the larger cuts of chrome diopside tend to appear blackish green and are not as attractive as the smaller stones.  We want to be sure the gem you receive is as beautiful as possible, and the vividness and incredible refraction of the smaller stones provide that attractiveness. In fact, chrome diopside has nearly twice the refractive index compared to emeralds.

Since the chrome diopside is at about a 6 on the MOHS scale of hardness, it is suitable for things like earrings and pendants, but not rings as it is moderately soft.

If you received a chrome diopside in a Precious Gem Candle, and you are curious about the value, post a photo to our Facebook page and we will be glad to give you the value of your gemstone. Keep in mind, though, that it’ll have an even higher value in the years to come!

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