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Friendship and Sisters Day

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Hello friends!

This Sunday, August 4th, is National Friendship and Sisters Day. What a beautiful day to grow new friendship and possibly rekindle old ones. We all have someone special in our lives whether it’s a friend, a sister, or friend just like a sister that just “gets” us. Sometimes, we tend to take these connections for granted but it’s days like these that remind us just how precious it is and important to be celebrating these relationships every day; life is just too short not to.

I’ve been asking myself, “What can I do to really show that special friend/sister in my life how much I value them? What effort can I make (even if it’s small) that will impact them in a big way?” Can you start your day with a phone call to them that leaves them totally surprised? Can you make those lunch plans happen that you’ve been talking about for weeks? Life is busy and sometimes there’s distance involved. But it’s amazing what can happen through a simple email, call, letter, an unexpected gift. I want to make this day truly different; maybe even the start of a new shift. A shift in me that says that I will do whatever it takes to keep what we have ever growing, never fading, protected and strong. I just wonder what it would look like if this just wasn’t another day, but one of old things being left behind and new things blossoming.

What I think I love most about Precious Gem Candles is not that we are a really great smelling, long burning, “good idea for a gift” kind of candle. It’s our heart behind what we do and why we do it. This name wasn’t just something that sounded good or was good for marketing, it’s a true reflection of our love for others and how everyone truly is one of a kind—just like a precious gem. No same gem is ever the same, it has all its own unique facets and it catches light and reflects it in different ways. That’s what you are, and I know you have a very special someone in your life that is your “precious gem”.  When I talk about the fact that this would be the perfect gift to give to that one-of-a-kind friend or sister, I don’t mean holiday+friend= must get a gift. I mean that as you consider gifting them with one of our luxury soy candles, you are given them the very heart of our vision for each one of you. It’s an opportunity to give back and portray to them just how precious their life has meant to yours. I’m tired of meaningless gifts that are “P.C.” I want to give something with meaning, something that let’s others know that not only am I giving you a beautiful gift that you can hold in your hand, but I’m giving you everything this gift implies and hoping to touch your heart as well. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

I hope National Friendship and Sisters Day is the start of something new for you. I hope you see things happen: with old friendships, with present ones, and maybe the chance to take that step in pursuing a new one. We celebrate you as our friends! Have a fabulous and fun day!


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