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Scented Soy Candles and Other Ideas to Help Create a Stress-free Environment

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People have used candles to create mood and ambience in their environment for ages. A scented candle is a modern twist that combines the science of aromatherapy with age-old tradition to offer a soothing, stress-free environment. In addition to making good use of your scented soy candle, there are also other ways you can alter your environment to help usher peace into your daily life. Here are some ideas:

·         Listen & watch inspiring things: whether it is music or a television program, choose some moments to tune out the sounds of drama, mayhem, and violence and instead tune into some inspiring instrumentals, meditation music, an uplifting television program, or whatever it is you find uplifting to your mind.

·         Silence: sometimes there is too much noise in our day-to-day and in our homes. Finding time to tune out all noise or sound can produce a very mind-stabilizing effect. You can create noise-free zones in your home, or create specific times of the day to have complete silence.

·         Lighting: Lighting has psychological affects and impacts moods. Very bright light can have an irritable effect on an already irritable person. In the same way, turning down lights can help to sooth a stress-laden mind. Be conscious about the lighting in your home and tap into how it makes you feel. When you can and want to, turn down the artificial lights and light a precious gem candle for an ultimate moment of relaxation.

·         Home décor: The colors of your furniture, curtains and even carpet can affect mood. Decorations on the wall or other objects of beauty affect your sense of well-being and belonging in ways you may not realize. Is the way your home is decorated conducive to creating a stress-free, peaceful environment?

·         Organization: Many people are negatively affected by disorganization or clutter in their homes. If you are one of those, devote some time to organizing and de-cluttering your home. This will contribute to stronger sensations of clarity which will help to reduce stress levels.

·         Natural light and scenic views: Natural light is known for its positive effects on the mind and spirit. Scenic views of nature are also known to be uplifting. If you have access to either on your home, think about how to capitalize on them in your daily life.


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Soy Candle: The Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gift

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As hard as this is to believe, we are coming up on those Fall breaks in school. Holidays are nearing quicker than we can blink an eye which means, on top of everything else, we have to start thinking about how to show our teachers how much we appreciate them pouring into our kids on a daily basis. 

With all the food to start stocking up for, the cleaning for family to either come to town or the preparing for you leaving town to go visit family, before you know it you find yourself going, "Oh no! We need a gift for your teacher." Insert this scene: running last minute into the Hallmark store or trying to bake some goodies (as if you're not baking enough already) that you throw in a cute gift bag, tie a bow, and call it good. There is no shame in this, we all do and have done this, and it's not that it isn't special. However, what if we did something a little bit more unique this year? What if ahead of time we had the perfect gift all set aside for our special teachers? No extra baking involoved, no last minute running around town, just a simple click online, shipped to you in beautiful packaging, and voila! Teacher Appreciation gift? Check!

You probably already know what I'm talking of our Precious Gem Soy Luxury Candles. Come to think of it, it would be like two gifts in one! A wonderfully scented soy candle, and then a surprise gem hidden inside. Monogram the candle for free to put an extra personal touch on it, and if you really want to go all out, check out our glass lockets to add to your gift. I bet you double to nothing when you come back from fall break your child's teacher has her beautiful gem displayed in the locket and is wearing it proudly around her neck. How special would that be to know you touched her heart and made her feel appreciated.

1377420_458636170916015_1694608895_nGlass Lockets for Gemstones silverlocket bothlockets2

Teachers are gems. They sacrifice so much day in and day out for our kids and they probably don't get enough thanks for it. If you were wondering what you could do for your childs's teacher this year, why not a soy candle? Let's show them we see their sacrifice and bless them immensely this year. They deserve it!

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Scented Candles and Other Ideas for Easing Stress and Relaxing Your Mind & Body

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A scented candle has the gift of both aroma and firelight to promote sensations of ease and relaxation. While you savor your precious gem candle, meditate on these other ideas for increasing relaxation in your body and in your environment.

·         A warm bath: heat and water are known for their relaxing properties. Warm water eases muscle tension. The soothing effects on the body soothe the mind in turn.

·         Inspiring music: we are musical creatures by nature. Music has the ability to guide our tap into our emotions. We hear music all the time, but maybe do not hear inspiring music often enough. Create an environment of instant peace with soothing instrumental or meditation music to help your thoughts relax and worries dissolve.

·         Nature sounds: a nature CD can help recreate the feeling of being out in nature with sounds that are very soothing to the senses.

·         Quiet: alternatively, it is hard for many of us to find peace and quiet. You may dedicate a few moments to blocking out all noise from your apartment or home, and allow the effect of silence to impact your mind.

·         A deep massage (with a massage soy candle): massages are sublime; they combine the power of human touch with the science of muscle behavior. A deep massage with one of our scented massage soy candles is the perfect thing to unwind and rejuvenate your spirit. It may even put you to sleep!

·         Low or dimmed lights (or candle light): lighting affects our mood; it can contribute to our irritability or soothe it. Low or dimmed lighting, or candle lighting can help you create a non-

·         Aromatherapy (from your scented soy candle): aromatherapy has long been lauded for its therapeutic effects. Pleasing scents take us to other places. Lighting some incense or your scented soy candle can do trick to give you the sense of ease you need.


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Precious Gem Monogram Candles

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Hello Monday and hello precious friends! 

We recently added something here at Precious Gem Candles that is very exciting. Now, when you go to our shop page and click on the soy candle of your choice, you have the option to monogram your own candle. You choose the initial you want (which will be all uppercase and in a beautiful, easy to read font) and we have it etched into your glass, soy candle jar. It adds a really pretty, detailed look to your jar as it burns in your home or office. We also added this feature to enhance your gift giving experience. If you are purchasing a Precious Gem luxury soy candle as a gift for a friend, spouse, or family member, this is such a great addition to add to the gift that personalizes it and makes them feel that much more special.

When you personalize your soy candle or someone's you care about, it portrays a deeper sense of belonging and love that really touches the heart, and that is the experience we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to draw from. Give us your feedback and let us know how you like this new addition to your Precious Gem Candle! 

*We also recently added a mission statement to our page that gives you a deeper look into our heart behind and in what we do and why we do it. If you haven't had the opportunity to read that, I highly encourage you to take two minutes and look it over. You can see it HERE.


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Scented Soy Candles for Fall

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Fall is here! Fall is here! I love fall. It's one of the most beautiful seasons. The crisp air, the colors of the leaves changing, the pumpkins (and pumpkin spice everything), light sweaters, boots, and the promise of time with family gathered 'round a table of delicious homemade recipes from generations past. But on top of all that, I love scented candles that create the aroma of fall in every room. If you're looking for the perfect fall scented soy candle, then look no further! I've compiled a little list of Precious Gem Candles luxury soy candles that are perfect for Fall. A little extra bonus? Our candles are on sale for a very limited time only so hurry and grab yours here  today.


Apple Blossom

This scent will make you crave your grandma's apple pie with pure scents of sweet juicy apple and hints of island flowers.

Black Fig & Wildflower

Do you want a scent that takes you into a mountain experience but has all the right sweet notes to make you feel warm and cozy? This is the soy candle for you. Black mission fig and vanilla, blended with hyacinth, crushed fir needles, golden amber, and precious musks.


This probably sounds like more of a winter scent to you--which it could crossover. But, with a spicy blend of nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon with a spicy blend of orange peel, this is the perfect soy candle to start burning in the early fall months as well. 

Remember, our soy candles are only on sale for a limited time so it's the perfect excuse! Head over to our site and pick up your perfect fall scent for a steal! 

~Happy Fall~



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The Benefits of Massage

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Our massage luxury candles come in an aromatic line of delectable scents, each of which will transport you to a soul-nourishing retreat far, far away. Added to the experience of each scented candle is the effect of the warm wax on your skin. Added to that, is the healing touch of massage.

There are many types of massages that have their origins in different cultures all over the world. There are different massage techniques; each come with their own set of purported benefits. Some types of massage well-known to the western world include Swedish massage, and massages that are specific to sports injuries or muscle tension.

As you enjoy your massage precious gem candle (and your massage) here is a quick list of some basic benefits that massage is believed to have on the mind and body.

·         Relaxes the mind

·         Reduces stress

·         Eases anxiety

·         Relaxes the body

·         Can ease pain

·         Reduces tension in the muscles

·         Creates a sense of warmth and comfort

·         Can help body strain

·         Helps with headaches

·         Helps with digestive issues

·         Can ease insomnia

·         Can help with muscular conditions

·         Can assist nerve function

·         Helps heal sports injuries

Although a lot of people can benefit from massage, and simple massages can be done on your own or by a friend or family member, harm can be done if you have a very sensitive health condition, or if the massage is not done with care. So take care while you allow yourself to be pampered!

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Soy Candle Summer

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I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to let summer slip away JUST yet (although here in Texas we can't seem to get rid of it even when we want to). I love summer. Summer means cookouts by the pool, or going to the lake to stand-up paddle board, or maybe getting away on an island for a week or two and basking on the beach. It means skirts, cut-off's, and dresses, sun bleached hair and golden legs. No, I'm not ready to end summer just yet. 

If you're like me and you want to ring out every drop of summer sun you can then join me as I list a few ways to really relish in every last moment of it:

Cookout-plan one last big HOORAH in your back yard. Go all out with food and drinks. Target has already started clearancing out there summer dishware. Go stock up for half the price and use it to make your party unforgettable! Awhlie back, we did a blog on some great cookout recipes for the summer. Need inspiration on what to serve? Click on that link to go take a look at some great recipe ideas.

OK, so now you're tired. You just finished up a long weekend of cooking out and partying with friends. How about a way to get that "close to vaca" feel right in your own home. I know, I know, it's not the same as being on a beach with a pina colada in your hand. But hey, it's all we've got to work with and I gurantee that while it may not be the same, you may be surprised just how refreshed you feel. Do these seperately or combine them together for the ultimate experience.

Staycation- Plug in that phone of yours, go to Pandora, and type in Laid Back Beach music. This station has a variety of stuff that will take you from Jamaica to Florida and beyond. Next, make yourself one of these frozen island favorites.  Once you've done that, light your favorite Precious Gem luxury soy candle. Everyone knows that candles are a great way to set a mood, and our soy candles are long burning and the scents are amazing. Here's a list of some really great summer scents to set your perfect mood:

(click on each title to see a product description of the soy candle)

*Blue Lanai

*Cucumber Melon 

*Grapefruit Mint

*Hibiscus Cooler

*Island Pear

*Kai Bay

*Tropical Papaya

Decisions, decisions...

Once you've begun to get your perfect tropical aroma flowing throughout your home, prep yourself a nice, relaxing pedicure with this amazing at-home recipe sure to give your feet a deep clean, scrub, and baby's bottom look and feel. 

Once you've done all this, simply...relax!

If you have something to cover your eyes, do so to block out the light, lay back, and let the aroma of that soy candle flood over you as you escape--even just for a few minutes. Or, you can curl up with your favorite book (be careful of those freshly painted toesies, though!)

Summer may be long gone, but we know how to take advantage of one last getaway.

A cookout, soy candles, and island drink, music, and a good pedi will do the trick. 

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