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Why We Prefer Soy Candles

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Candles are typically made of Soy wax, Paraffin wax, a blend of the two, or sometimes beeswax. Precious Gem Candles are 100% soy candles.  Why do we use soy wax for our candles? Well, let us tell you!

Let’s start by looking at the other common types of candles. First, Paraffin wax is the petroleum by-product created when crude oil is refined into gasoline. Paraffin wax is full of chemicals from the refining process, and paraffin candles release a lot of soot when they burn, which can stain your walls, ceilings, and furniture. This soot can also be inhaled by you while burning these candles.

Beeswax candles are made from exactly what their name implies. While these candles are clean-burning and have documented benefits to burning them, beeswax is a bit more expensive than paraffin or soy wax, so these candles will have a higher price tag. Also, for those who choose to purchase vegan products only, beeswax would not fall into that category as it is of animal origin.

Precious Gem Candles are soy candles made from 100% soy wax, which is created from soybean oil. Soybeans are a renewable resource, and are grown in many regions of the United States by local farmers. So, soy candles are not only natural, but the use of soy wax supports the agriculture system.

In contrast to candles made from paraffin wax, soy candles are much cleaner burning. While they do still release some soot, the amount is far less than their paraffin counterpart. Soy candles are non-toxic, so while they do release a bit of soot, they aren’t releasing toxins into the air as they burn. Soy wax is also biodegradable and easy to clean in case of accidental spills, or for cleaning and reusing your candle jars.

The quality of soy candles’ burn and scent throw is also better than paraffin candles. Because soy wax has a lower melt temperature, soy candles have a longer burn time – up to 50% longer than paraffin candles! The slower burn time also means that soy candles release scent at a gradual and even pace, which creates a very pleasant experience.

Here at Precious Gem Candles, we use the highest quality soy wax we’ve found in our 14+ years of candle making. Combined with cotton wicks, you’ll experience an environmentally friendly, clean burning, long lasting soy candle with a great scent throw.

Is Your Diamond Real?

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You’re burning your Precious Gem Candle, waiting patiently for the foil packet to be revealed so you can discover what gem is hidden inside. Or, maybe more realistically, you just dig right in to find your hidden surprise. Either way you find it, uncovering your gemstone is an exciting process.

Now, you’ve gotten to the hidden treasure, open it up, and find a beautiful gemstone. Maybe it’s blue or yellow, or even pink or black. Or, maybe it’s a beautiful, sparkly white. You think, “Can it be? Did I find a diamond?” Carefully unfurling the label included with your gem, you see the words “Congratulations!” in big, bold letters. You confirm what you were hoping – you’ve found a diamond! After a few moments of celebration, you may think “Wait…how do I know for sure that it’s real?”

While we give our personal guarantee that every gemstone hidden inside Precious Gem Candles is genuine, it is wise to get higher valued gemstones, especially diamonds, inspected by a professional. We recently had a customer who found a canary diamond in her candle, and she brought it to a Jared jewelry store to look into getting it set as a piece of jewelry. The associate, after looking at it through a loupe and performing one other test on it, said that it was either a sapphire or cubic zirconia, but not a diamond.

After a few phone calls were made, and our customer made a trip back to the Jared store she first visited, the general manager performed a density test on the gem and determined that it was, in fact, a genuine canary diamond. While it gave everyone a bit of a scare right away, it taught us the importance of having your gemstone inspected by a knowledgeable professional who is using the right tools to avoid any gemstone misdiagnosis.

Here are some ways to test your diamond:

  1. Ask for a heat probe test. Often, this is done free of charge. Diamonds disperse heat quickly, so real diamonds will not heat up quickly. This tests how long the diamond retains temperature, and it doesn’t hurt the stone at all.
  2. Cubic zirconia is about 50% heavier than a real diamond of the same size, so density tests compare your stone to a real diamond of the same size. If the density is the same, then you know it is not cubic zirconia!
  3. Almost all diamonds have some sort of inclusion or flaw that can be seen under magnification, so if your stone is flawless, that could be a sign that it is not a natural diamond
  4. If you set a diamond on top of a newspaper, you should not be able to read the print through the diamond. Obviously, this one does not work for black diamonds.

Colored diamonds are found naturally due to trace minerals and natural radiation, but are also often laboratory treated by irradiation to (safely) enhance their natural color. Naturally brown diamonds can even be made clear by high-pressure high-temperature treatments! Rich, naturally colored diamonds are quite rare, so most colored diamonds you see for sale have been treated to enhance the color. This is not the same thing as “laboratory-grown” diamonds, which, while still actual diamond material, are not naturally created.

So, when you discover a diamond in your Precious Gem Candle, we hope you’ll feel confident in knowing it is a genuine, natural diamond, and if you decide to get it tested, you’ll know exactly what to ask for!



Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

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The halls are decked and the tree is trimmed, but what about the gifts under the tree? I’m the type that buys wrapping paper the day after Christmas, and, if I’m feeling extra festive, I’ll maybe throw a bow or ribbon on a couple boxes. I’ve put together a few ideas for easy and unique gift wrapping ideas that’ll look like you’ve gone the extra mile. Not only will the gifts look great under your tree, the recipients will feel like they’re getting something extra special.

First, let’s look at some ideas using kraft paper. For some reason, boxes wrapped in this simple brown paper look effortlessly chic and elegant. You could tie a simple ribbon around the package and leave it at that, or add some custom stamping. If you have kids, paint the bottom of their feet with brown paint and have them walk on a strip of the paper. Then, turn their footprints into cute reindeer. This would be a great option for gifts going to grandparents. Or, stamp the recipients’ names as a beautiful gift label.


One of my favorite options is the simple kraft paper tied with a jute ribbon that holds spruce, cinnamon sticks, and berries. It’s such an easy way to make your gift look festive and elegant. You could almost just give someone an empty box when it’s wrapped this beautifully! If you don’t have those supplies on hand, but you know how to make a paper snowflake, you could use the jute to hold the snowflake onto the package.

Do you have a collection of maps that don’t have much use now because of smart phones? They would make striking and unique gift wrap! Just tie with a red string or ribbon to complete the look.



Another one of my favorites is using “upcycled” newspaper. I love this one using the crossword puzzles and adorned with an elegant looking gold ribbon.



Are there any unique ways you wrap your Christmas gifts?

The difference your purchases are making

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It's always exciting when we can actually SHOW you what your Precious Gem Candle purchases are doing around the country, and we're grateful to be able to send your contributions to this cause. (Read On To Learn More).

One of the promises that we made as a company since our founding was to donate a portion of our profits to financially support the awareness of and rescue of children trapped in human trafficking situations in this country and abroad. We consider these children “precious gems”, and we are dedicated to seeing them freed from their unfathomable situations. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that this is an issue that is often closer to home than you’d like to think, which is why we have chosen to donate to an organization called Free the Black Hills of Human Trafficking.

Although currently located in Texas, Precious Gem Candles got its start in the Black Hills of South Dakota in a town called Spearfish, and our warehouse was located there for 7 years until we moved in April. Spearfish is only 17 miles from Sturgis, SD, and we are well acquainted with the very real problem of the human trafficking of adults and minors that takes place in this area every year during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The organization, Free the Black Hills of Human Trafficking, has put up two large billboards in the area to educate about the issue, as well as provide the phone number to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The organization’s goal is to not only raise awareness, but to be a part of the solution to the problem of human trafficking in Western South Dakota, especially during the week of the Motorcycle Rally.

If you have ever purchased any of our products from candles to gemstone settings, we want to extend our deepest thanks to you. It is because of your purchases that we are able to donate to this cause that is so close to our hearts. If you ever wonder where your money is going when you purchase something, we want you to know that when you purchase a Precious Gem Candle, your money is going to do an incredible amount of good. If the attention these billboards draw saves 1 life or saves 100 lives, we want you to know that you had a part in changing someone’s life for the better.

Today marks the official start of the 74th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. If you haven’t heard of this event, it’s a yearly gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in Sturgis, SD, and it’s one of the largest that takes place in the world. In 2013, an estimated 467,338 people attended the Rally. To put that into perspective, that would be nearly the entire population of a city like Atlanta or Sacramento all gathered together at the same time in a city that usually has a population of under 7,000. Our hope and prayer is that these billboards will reach some of these hundreds of thousands of people to have a positive impact on the issue of human trafficking during the Rally, and that people who are caught in this web of exploitation and abuse will be freed and protected.


Chrome Diopside - A Gem with a Short History

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When most people think of a valuable, beautiful, and rare green gemstone, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the emerald. While the emerald does fit all of those descriptions, there is another gemstone that does as well – the chrome diopside.


Rumors of a beautiful green gemstone discovered in northern Siberia surfaced less than 30 years ago – in 1988, to be exact. Because of the Cold War, restrictions were in place that made access to the area very limited.  After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the market for chrome diopside began to open up.

Although the gem is more accessible than when it was first discovered, supplies have remained limited. The extreme weather in Siberia – yearly average of 4* with lows reaching -50* - means restriction on mining schedules to protect the miners. While small deposits have been found in other locations, the only commercially viable source is in Siberia.

With all of these things taken into consideration, there is a very real possibility that chrome diopside could be mined out within our lifetime. Due to the gem becoming rarer, there has been an increase in value in the chrome diopside, and the value should continue to increase over the years.

The good news for those who love Precious Gem Candles is that dozens of our soy candles have gone out the doors that contain a chrome diopside gemstone hidden inside! We love the idea of our customers receiving a gift that will continue to appreciate in value. Just think – a candle with a surprise that can potentially earn you money!

If you buy a Precious Gem Candle, or receive on as a gift, and your gemstone is revealed to be a chrome diopside, you may notice that the gemstone may be a bit smaller than other gemstones that we send. The reason for this is the larger cuts of chrome diopside tend to appear blackish green and are not as attractive as the smaller stones.  We want to be sure the gem you receive is as beautiful as possible, and the vividness and incredible refraction of the smaller stones provide that attractiveness. In fact, chrome diopside has nearly twice the refractive index compared to emeralds.

Since the chrome diopside is at about a 6 on the MOHS scale of hardness, it is suitable for things like earrings and pendants, but not rings as it is moderately soft.

If you received a chrome diopside in a Precious Gem Candle, and you are curious about the value, post a photo to our Facebook page and we will be glad to give you the value of your gemstone. Keep in mind, though, that it’ll have an even higher value in the years to come!

Click here to see what other sorts of gems our customers have found! 


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What Makes Precious Gem Candles ™ Different from Diamond Candles ™?

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what makes us different from diamond candles? As a fairly new company, we get this question often. While it may seem like we are offering a similar product as Diamond Candles ™, there are a few differences that we believe set us apart. But first, what do we have in common?

There's no doubt that both Precious Gem Candles ™ and Diamond Candles ™ have amazing customers and fan support. We love how our customers interact with each other on our Facebook, upload photos of their gemstones, and enthusiastically support us. We are beyond grateful for our customers, and want to always treat you with importance and priority!

We believe Diamond Candles ™ offers a great product with an incredible concept. Like our candles, the candles are fun to burn, they are exciting to receive, and have a beautiful surprise inside each one.  When you order a Diamond Candle ™, you know you are going to receive a ring worth $10 - $5000. We decided to offer loose gemstones in our candles so you as the customer have the freedom to choose what to do with your hidden prize. Every gemstone is genuine and has a value of at least $20, but can be valued up to $5000! And, we guarantee that one in every 1,000 candles contains a diamond.

Surprise candles make excellent gifts! We love the idea of being able to give someone a gift that feels incredibly special and made just for them. That is why we offer our candles to be engraved with a monogram…and it’s free! The candles arrive ready to gift in a beautiful, colorful container with a silver lid. Once opened, you’ll see the candle wrapped in white tissue paper, which is almost like getting to open it twice. Imagine smelling the candle as soon as you take it out of the box and the excitement of removing it from the tissue paper to see your monogram on the reusable glass!

Diamond Candles ™ prides itself in offering eco friendly soy candles. Likewise, Precious Gem Candles ™ are also made from soy. Precious Gem Candles ™ has been in the candle making business for 14 years. Throughout the years, we’ve tested countless brands of soy wax and wicks, and we have chosen the highest quality of soy wax that we’ve found, as well as soy wicks. This allows our candles to be called non-toxic as well as clean-burning and environmentally friendly.

One of the things we worked very hard on when developing our candles was choosing and creating exclusive, high-end fragrances. At this time, our soy candles come in 26 different fragrances, and we also have a line of 19 massage candle scents. Paired with our high-quality soy wax, our candles will fill your home with luxurious fragrance.

Our massage candle line is also something that differentiates us from Diamond Candles ™. The massage candles are made from an exclusive formula we’ve created that offers incredible moisturizing benefits with ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. And, they still contain a hidden gemstone, just like the soy candles!

If you’ve shopped for both Diamond Candles ™and Precious Gem Candles ™, you may have noticed one obvious difference in that Diamond Candles ™ are colored while our soy candles are uncolored. There are two reasons we make our soy candles uncolored.  One is to keep them as natural as possible. The second reason is that we want you to not have to choose between scent and color. The natural color allows you to burn your favorite scent in any room with any color scheme, and you don't have to worry about loving the scent but disliking the color.

Our name, PRECIOUS GEM CANDLES ™, comes with two different meanings.  First, we love the idea that you can give a gift with a brand name that has a message in it on it’s own ….. “You are a precious gem.”  Anyone giving the gift of a Precious Gem Candle ™ can give it with this special meaning.  Second, our company is committed to supporting the awareness of children trafficking, and gives to help bring an end to this horrific situation in which countless children are trapped.  As a company, we give 5% of sales, along with our time, to this cause.  For this reason, you can always know that when you purchase a Precious Gem Candle ™ gift, you are doing more than just buying a candle gift.

One last difference is our price tag. Our price includes guaranteed shipping. We've added a lot of information about this difference at FAQ's.

There are many wonderful candles on the market today, and you can now purchase Precious Gem Candles ™ in retail stores, as well as at  We have much to be proud of in our products, and we hope you will decide to give Precious Gem Candles ™ a try.  

If you are a first time customer, and would like to request a coupon to try our candles, just email us at and ask for a first-time customer coupon.  We would love to send you a coupon code!

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Making Candles At Home

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Here it is, Sunday afternoon, a day usually designated for rest.  But today we're not resting because there's too much excitement!!  Oh, we are getting our R&R for the most part, but we had to take a few minutes to do something very special!!  I'll bet you're wondering what is so special about making a few candles from home??

Making Candles At Home

Well, every other day our candles are made in our warehouse which is located in Spearfish, SD.  But today these 3 candles are being made at home because ....


Putting a diamond in a candle isn't something we do just any day of the week, and it's an exciting thing to us to be able to put a diamond in your candle!!  This is something we celebrate, and today was a special day for that.  Kind of fitting that it's Thanksgiving weekend and we can say "Thank you" for being a loyal customer!  We don't take it for granted, and we try to give back to you as much as possible!  So



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