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Party Recipes: Open House Style

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I am in the process of buying my first house, and all I keep thinking about is how excited I am to have my first housewarming (or open house) party! We’ve talked about how our luxury soy candles make a perfect housewarming gift, but let’s talk about housewarming from a host’s perspective. If you are in the process of hosting one, you have probably already begun the “to-do” list of things to get done and prepared for the big event.  In reading, I came across one part of the planning that we need to check off that list—food. Hopefully these recipes help make the planning go a little smoother so you can really enjoy this party of yours.

We all know that food is one of the biggest headaches in planning a party, because for one, not a whole of people RSVP but actually do end up showing up, and number two, it’s pricey to feed people; especially when you have to make sure you’ve prepared enough for those unaccounted for.  Coming across these recipes reminded me how complicated I’ve made things sometimes and that this “old-fashioned” party snack hasn’t gone out of style, and thank heaven for that! What I am referring to is the universal tea sandwich! Small, cute, easy, and best of all—cheap! This is a no-brainer. Below are a few great recipes to choose from.


Cucumber-Butter Sandwiches

  • 4 tblsp. softened butter
  • 1/2 tsp. grated lemon zest
  • 1 tblsp. chopped fresh dill
  • Thinly sliced white sandwich bread
  • Thinly sliced English (or hothouse) cucumber

Mix the butter, lemon zest and dill. Spread on bread and top with cucumber slices. Trim crusts and cut into serving size pieces.


Ham Cornbread Sandwiches

  • 6 tblsp. softened butter
  • 2 tsp. chopped scallion
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • Mini corn muffins
  • Thinly sliced deli ham
  • Red pepper jelly

Mix the softened butter, scallions and honey. Spread a small amount on the bottom of each

split corn muffin. Top with ham and red pepper jelly. Replace the top.



How easy do those look? I love it, and I feel a weight coming off already. I can have these prepared in no time and I know they will be light, pleasant, and delicious! I’d also like to share with you a fabulous recipe for a punch that’s perfect for the summer cookout/housewarming party. Check it out below…



Sparkling Pink Punch




  • 1 (12-oz.) can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 4 cups white cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 qt. club soda, chilled
  • Garnish: fresh mint sprigs


1. Stir together lemonade concentrate and cranberry juice cocktail in a large pitcher.

2. Cover and chill at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours. Stir in club soda just before serving. Garnish, if desired.

Champagne Punch: Substitute 1 (750-milliliter) bottle extra-dry Champagne or sparkling wine and 1/4 cup orange liqueur for club soda; proceed with recipe as directed.

Note: For testing purposes only, we used Cointreau for orange liqueur.

Inspired by Diana Coppernoll, Linden, North Carolina, Southern Living
JUNE 2008

This beautiful punch looks so refreshing and I can’t wait to try it. I hope that these few recipes have given you some great ideas for your upcoming house party. I know I feel a lot less overwhelmed and more empowered to take this on. We should be able to enjoy our own party and these simple and easy recipes are going actually help me be a part while still adding class to this exciting occasion. Oh! And don’t forget to add a Precious Gem luxury soy candle to your list. We all want our house to smell “pretty” (that’s what I like to call it) when guests arrive, and the aroma from our long-lasting, clean-burning candles, will be just the cherry on top of the perfect party.  Enjoy!

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March Contest and Giveaway!

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How would you like a chance to win an exclusive luxury soy candle (of your choice) that is not yet advertised to the public for purchase? We thought you might, and that’s why our newest giveaway features three fresh springtime scents that are only available to our lucky winner before they are available to anyone else. We have had such a great time with our giveaways so far. Giving makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside—emphasis on the fuzzy—and it’s great to hear how special we have made you feel. We have received many pictures from winners all over showcasing their beautiful gems that were hidden inside their soy candle. We love when you share the “gem reveal” with us, it makes us feel like we almost got to be surprised and experience it right alongside all of you! I’m sure you are ready for the details on how to enter to win, so let’s get to it. It’s very simple, all you have to do is:
  1. Go LIKE our fan page on Facebook.
  2. For extra entries in your favor—SHARE the giveaway, PIN about it, or TWEET the contest.
  3. A winner will be chosen March 24th, so hurry and get liking, sharing, pinning, and tweeting.  Whoa! Say that five times fast!
Once we have chosen a winner you will get to choose from our three newest luxury scents:
  • Tropical Papaya (Hello island and sunshine!)
  • Cucumber Melon  (I’m picturing a long massage on a beach)
  • Plumeria ( For the springtime gardener)
544124_364679446978355_779427967_n So there it is! You know what to do.  Click on the link below to enter now! Once we have announced the winner, we would love for you to share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with a photo of your luxury soy candle and the precious gem hidden inside. We are anticipating it just as much as you are. Happy GIVEAWAY  friends! Already fallen in love with our candles either by giveaway or purchase? Well, grab yourself one of these new scents just in time for spring.  Our candles make the perfect gift for any occasion: housewarming, birthday, mother’s day, holidays, etc.  Whether it’s a personal gift to reward yourself (love these kind), or a gift for someone else, you’re sure to have a gift that touches someone and makes them feel valued and loved.  As we like to say, “It’s the gift that loves you back!”

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Aquamarine: March Birthstone

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Birthstone:  n. A precious or semiprecious stone that is associated with a month of birth. I love birthstones! First of all, they are traditionally set in the form of jewelry (especially rings), and who doesn’t love rings? Also, I love things that stand for something; a symbol, a meaning behind the object. Birthstones are both of those things which makes them extra special, just like you and the day you were born. I will be blogging each month about the birthstone for the month, the meaning, the color, examples of great settings to set your stone, and (since we are a candle company) a candle that signifies or brings the same qualities as the birthstone.  We can’t guarantee that the candle you purchase will have your birthstone in it, but what an incredible and unique birthday gift that would be to know what their birthstone means and gift her with a candle that releases all the same qualities? Now, let’s get started! March Birthstone:  Aquamarine Colors:  Aquamarine has light tones and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green. However, the most valued color of this stone is sky-blue. Meaning: Faithfulness, Courage, Friendship. It is said to cool the temper and helps you to remain calm and level headed. Well, the first candle that comes to mind when I think of the meaning of this precious birthstone gem is Precious Gem Soy Blend candle in Kai Bay scent. It’s got a soothing aroma of exotic spices and a fruity green bouquet of citrus, lilac, rose, and clove. Lilac, rose, and clove are used therapeutically as mood-elevating elements. So, if you know anyone with a birthday in March and are looking to get them a unique gift that represents their birthstone and the meaning behind it, you could gift them our Kai Bay Precious Gem Soy Candle.  It may not have an Aquamarine inside, but it would be fun to put in their gift what their birthstone means, tell them how this candle represents that, and tell them that they are so valuable that the also will find an extra gem inside the candle to do with whatever they please.  A bonus birthday gift!      I love the Aquamarine gem! It’s such a brilliant and clear blue. It reminds me of summer and the ocean. I find that it’s an uplifting color that brings joy, which I’m sure all your loved ones that are born in March do as well.   Here are some of my favorite ways to set Aquamarine: P10747507 images images (4) images (3) images (2) images (1)

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Precious Gem Candle Review

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We love our product. It’s ours, of course we do! But we want to know that YOU love it too. We receive your reviews with open arms because we want to bring you the best product possible, not just a product you feel rates highest in your line of other “not so good” choices. We want to hear what you want, what you like, what you don’t like, or think we could do better.

 We recently received a review, our first review I might add, and we want to share it with you. This review came from Kimberly blogs about everything from fashion and beauty to product reviews and she’s into organic living, which is awesome. We are so thankful for the time and effort she put into doing this review for us! It means so much. Check out her website and click on the link below to read our first Precious Gem Candle Review!

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Enter to Win: Blog and Facebook Contest Giveaway!

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Oh Boy! This has me all excited. It is our FIRST, ENTER TO WIN, CONTEST GIVEAWAY!  Here at Precious Gem Candles, we LOVE to give. Giving is a way to show physically what you feel emotionally. We’ve been talking about how our Soy blend candles make the perfect Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and “Just Because” gifts; but this time, we want to give to you! What we are giving away:The prize we are gifting to you is our Soy Blend, Essence of Morocco candle. Essence of Morocco is a fusion of Morocco peaches, ginger, and a hint of clove. This blend of exotic spiced fruit gives off an aroma that is sure to make you feel like you are in a different, almost medieval part of the world. nter:   Click on the link below and it will take you to the entry page on our website, then enter your email address, and that’s it! We will be announcing a winner by January 31st, 2013 so hurry and get entered! We’ve already announced the giveaway on Facebook and would love for  you to “like” us and share us with your friends. Go to to give us a “like” and to share us! Once you’ve entered our contest giveaway, a bonus to “liking’ us will put an extra entry in for you towards the giveaway. Who wouldn’t want to double their odds, right? Facebook is such a great way to stay in touch with all the latest news and how we can give you exactly what you want because like I said, we love to give! Happy Contest Giveaway and good luck!

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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

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Valentine's Day Gifts
It seems like only a couple months ago I was looking for that perfect Valentine's Day Gift for my sister, and here it is again! In only 34 days it will once again be the day I like to call "National LOVE Day!!"  And I LOVE Valentine's Day!  The colors, the candy .... the chocolate -- mmmm, CHOCOLATE; the flowers, the roses, the jewelry, the candles -- OH the candles!  But most importantly celebrating the one you love. There are many ways to show someone you really love them, and one of the most common ways is with a Valentine's Day Gift. I’ve been seeing so many creative ideas for gifts this year that have me really inspired.  Here are just a couple: Valentine's Day Gift under $50If you are tight on money this Valentine’s Day, try this great DIY homemade basket I found on a fellow bloggers website.  Instead of spending a fortune for something pre-made, you have the ability to customize this with all the goodies  your special someone loves.  Stop by your local dollar store and pick up this basket for next  to nothing, and most of the time you can get a lot of candy for your buck too. Add a little ribbon here and some tissue paper there and you’re sure to bless the socks off your loved one. Valentine's Day GiftsOne of the cutest ideas I saw was paint swatch strips turned Valentine’s Day bookmark; so cute and so simple.  Just gather the paint strips and using a heart shaped hole punch, punch hearts as shown.  Then using a round hole punch, punch a hole in the top corner and string a piece of ribbon through it!  You can write an “I     LOVE     YOU” message across the squares with a silver marker, or even write their name. Another great creative gift idea is to buy a picture frame and place a picture of a favorite memory you, and “yours truly” have, and write the “14 reasons why I love you” on the matting. Not only do you have a precious gift, but you created a pretty unique card as well. And our last idea, but certainly not the least, if you want to spend a little more on that special person, give them a Precious Gem Candle.  They receive a beautiful recyclable container, a heavenly scented soy blend luxury candle, AND a surprise to discover inside the candle – a gemstone hidden inside!!  Receiving a Precious Gem Candle as a gift is quite the experience!  This is a gift you can give to anyone:  wife, sister, mom, and friend.  With a gem hidden inside every candle worth anywhere from $20-$5000 she will be pleasantly surprised and overjoyed by the uniqueness and creativity of this gift. Make her  Valentine’s Day unforgettable this year with new and creative ways to say “I love you and I value you!”
Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

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An Extravagant Gift for Your 2012 Christmas Shopping List

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new line of luxury soy blend, scented Precious Gem Candles. This is more than just a pretty candle; lighting a Precious Gem Candle is the beginning of an extravagant candle experience.  We want to celebrate you and your loved ones with a gift that says, "You are special and worth the very best." The Precious Gem Candle comes in an elegant curved glass jar and is packed in a recyclable round box with a metal lid. Each one is 11 ounces and burns for approximately 60 hours. The candles burn clean and have an excellent scent disbursement. They are hand-poured in the USA and offer an exclusive surprise in every candle. Hidden within every candle is a beautiful gemstone. We use pearls, rubies, topazes, emeralds, amethysts, sapphires, peridots, diamonds and many other possibilities. We guarantee that every candle has a gemstone within it valued anywhere from $20-$5000! At least 1 candle in every 1,000 contains a 1/2 carat solitaire certified Diamond! Your distinctive gem will be safely hidden inside of a glass vial buried in your candle.  Gems may come in the form of a single gem, or they could be set into earrings, bracelets, or pendants. Think of this gemstone as a special blessing from us to you! This lovely and highly unique candle is offered in two forms: You can enjoy a soy blend candle with a relaxing aroma or try our unique massage candle made with Shea Butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, soy and palm kernel oil. Just light it, and pour the mildly warm wax onto your skin and treat yourself to a luxury massage. This candle will leave your skin soft & silky. The Precious Gem Candle makes an excellent gift for any special occasion including anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and Christmas. We are so excited about our new line of candles. Already, the buzz about this unique candle has been warm and welcoming. We have had many inquiries and expect it to be a huge seller this Christmas.    

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