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Be My Valentine Candle Bundle
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About this Scent: 

Enjoy three of our luxury soy candles for $18.25 each! Candles come packaged in round gift tins My Valentine Bundle includes:

Amber Romance - A warm and seducing blend of black cherry, vanilla and sandalwood.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Raspberry, Peach, and Almond infused with Bourbon Vanilla, and blended with Dark Chocolate & Black Currant.

Love Shack - Golden Amber and Frankincense, blended with Cinnamon Leaf, Blue Spruce and Vetiver. A rich woody balsam amber with precious musks.
  • A gemstone hidden in every candle valued at $10 – $5,000!! Topaz, rubies, diamonds, and more!

    * Every candle is hand-poured into a crystal quality spa jar;

    * Highly fragrant;

    * We guarantee a genuine gemstone of worth and value;

    * 80 Hours burn time;

    * Made in the USA;

    * Our soy candles create excitement for a natural candle experience!
  • How do I find my gemstone?

    Good things come to those who wait ~ and anticipation is the name of the game with our soy candle. But if you can't wait for the candle to burn down to uncover your gem, well, we do provide some instructions with your candle to speed up the process.

    How will I know what my gemstone is?
    Your gemstone has a code on it, which will take you to a website to discover the name, size, and quality of your gem. We can even tell you the estimated value of your stone if you follow the instructions with your candle!

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