Essential Oil Candles | Precious Gem Candles

Essential Oil Candles

Enjoy a clean burning soy wax candle with an excellent essential oil scent throw, and find a gemstone hidden in every package!
We buy all of our essential oils from a reputable essential oil distributor where we can track the quality and grade of essential oils going into each candle.
Each candle comes with a semi-precious gemstone valued between $5 and $1,000. In your candle you will find a foil packet enclosing your gemstone and a label. The label will give you a value for your gemstone and a website link where you can find out what your gemstone is.
Essential Bergamont
Essential Bergamont $ 65.00
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Essential Coffee
Essential Coffee $ 65.00
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Essential Frankincense
Essential Frankincense $ 65.00
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Essential Lavender
Essential Lavender $ 65.75
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Essential Lemon
Essential Lemon $ 65.00
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Essential Patchouli
Essential Patchouli $ 65.00
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Essential Peppermint Candle
Essential Peppermint Candle $ 65.00
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Essential Vanilla
Essential Vanilla $ 65.00
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