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Votive Candles

Not all soy wax is alike, and we have chosen to use the highest quality soy wax we have found in our 15+ years of soy candlemaking. Although we have chosen the best quality soy wax, 100% soy wax still lacks when it comes to hot and cold scent, as well as burn quality.  With that in mind, we do add 5% of other natural type oil blends to our soy wax to give our candles the excellent scent and burn quality they are known for.  In addition to our unique wax, we use specially engineered cotton braid wicks, so you can experience a longer, cleaner burning candle. Our candles are now scented with essential oils to produce one of the best soy blend candles on the market! 

Our votive candles come in groups of 12. They are perfect for decorating weddings and parties, or as guest favors at events!

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