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African Amethyst

Amethyst Congratulations! You have found an African Amethyst gemstone! Amethyst is a violet colored quartz and is the traditional birthstone of February, and the traditional anniversary stone for a 6th year anniversary.   Long associated with royalty due to its intense violet hue, amethyst was at one time ranked as one of the precious stones along with sapphire, ruby and emerald.  Amethyst was reclassified as a semi-precious stone when large deposits were found in Brazil in Uruguay in the first half of the nineteenth century. Though amethyst is no longer rare, it continues to be the most valuable form of quartz. Its name comes from Ancient Greek, and it translates to not drunken, in reference to the belief that the stone prevented its owner from drunkenness. Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst in battle with the belief that the gemstone had healing properties and kept them "cool-headed." Amethyst primarily occurs in a light pinkish hue to a deep violet, and it is mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, United States, and Zambia. Discover your shape and size
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