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Chrome Diopside

Congratulations, you've discovered a Chrome Diopside Gemstone in your candle!! Considered a major find in 1988, a new find of a chromium-bearing type of diopside was discovered in Russia. Known as chrome diopside, the material didn't really begin to reach the market until after the Berlin Wall fell at the end of 1989. But here finally was a rich green gem at more affordable than emerald,  tsavorite and tourmaline. The important diopside find in Russia is in eastern Siberia, close to the famous diamond mines. This diopside is colored by chromium, the same element that gives the color to ruby, emerald and alexandrite. The color was spectacular; chrome diopside literally glows with green. However, there are a few limitations to this gem. First, chrome diopside can actually suffer from too much green -- in larger sizes the tone can be very dark. Careful cutting is required in the larger sizes to keep the angles slightly shallow to improve brilliance. But in smaller sizes (under 2 carats) the color is exceptionally vivid and fresh. The other limitation is that diopside is much softer than tsavorite garnet or tourmaline. At 5 to 6 on theMohs Scale, chrome diopside is not suitable for rings. But it is well suited for earrings and pendants and looks stunning when set in gold. Diopside jewelry should be stored carefully to avoid scratches from harder stones.
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