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Frequently Asked Questions about Precious Gem Candles

Q: After I place my order, when will I receive my Precious Gem Candle?
Q: How do I retrieve my gemstone?
Q: How do I know what gemstone I have and how much it’s worth?
Q: Why are your soy tarts larger than I see in the discount stores?
Q: What is a massage candle or massage lotion tart?
Q: Is the $34.95 price of a Precious Gem Candle worth it?
Q: What type of gemstones does Precious Gem use in their candles?
Q: How do you value your gemstones?
Q: What makes one gemstone of the same type more valuable than another?

After I place my order, when will I receive my Precious Gem Candle?

Our typical processing time is 2 - 5 business days. We ship candles via UPS ground, which take 1 – 6 days for delivery, depending on the destination.


If you order your candle during a promotion that includes a special item being placed into a candle, please allow the full 5 day processing time since the winner is selected randomly from all of the orders place. This allows everyone who orders during the promotion a chance to win.


How do I retrieve my gemstone?

Your gemstone is first placed inside a Ziploc baggie. The baggie is folded and then wrapped in aluminum foil. We attach the foil packet to the side of the jar to protect it from the wick. We know you are excited to uncover your surprise, so the gemstone is placed near the top of the candle. It won’t be long before you will see the silver foil peek through! You have two options: 1) let the candle burn ... and burn ... and burn ... (our candles last a long time!) until finally the entire packet is exposed or (if you are super excited and ready to uncover your gemstone RIGHT AWAY), you can place the candle on a candle warmer until it is melted down to the packet and use pliers or tweezers to pull it out. Be careful because the wax could be hot when pulling the packet away from the side of the jar.

After you discover your gemstone surprise, please help us out by going to Our Facebook Page to share your photos and videos of your newest possession!  And then Follow Us On Pinterest!

How do I know what gemstone I have and how much it’s worth?

Most people want to be able to "set" their gemstone into a necklace, ring, bracelet, or into another piece of jewelry. Inside the Ziploc baggie is a website link which includes information about your gemstone. Be sure to type in the URL just as it appears on your label. The link provides a code that will tell you the quality, size, and shape of your gemstone. This will help you know what size of setting to purchase if you want to do it yourself. Once you have the code, simply snap a photo of your gem and post it to our Facebook page and we’ll give you an estimate value of your stone.


Why are your soy tarts larger than I see in the discount stores?

Our soy tarts are very popular! Each 6-cavity soy tart holds almost 7 oz. of soy wax. That makes each cube over 1 oz. The wax tarts you see sold in discount stores are 2 oz. total, so each cube is a little over 1/4 oz. each. This is a big difference! The larger cubes not only last longer, but make it easier for us to hide a gemstone inside a tart cube. 


What is a massage candle or massage lotion tart?

Although they are new to many people, we have been making massage candles since 2005. When massage candles were first appearing in the market, we developed our own exclusive formula made of palm kernel oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, and soy butter. Unlike other massage candle blends which are often made mostly of soy wax and leave the skin feeling very heavy and waxy, Precious Gem Massage Candles leave skin incredibly soft. Because our massage candle is formulated with our unique blend of natural ingredients, the oil is only mildly warm, and can be poured directly on your skin. Our spa customers use our candles to treat their clients to a deluxe massage experience. Although our massage candle won’t have quite as strong of a scent as our soy candles, they still scent the room and wonderfully scent and pamper your skin!


Is the $24.75 price of a Precious Gem Candle worth it?

There are many things to consider when choosing to purchase a Precious Gem Candle instead of other “ring or surprise” candles.




Our shipping price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.  Every package is insured, traceable, and arrives in 1 -6 business days, depending on its destination.  A candle from another “ring or surprise” candle company could total $34.83 - $38.99 once you include their charge for shipping, and typically they ship via the mail service which is not insured, guaranteed, nor traceable.  If you are unsure about their shipping methods, be sure to ask. We also offer UPS expedited shipping, often for much less than similar companies.  For example, for our customers in a hurry, we can ship a candle 2nd day air for an additional $30.00 (depending on your destination), while other companies can charge upwards of $50 for the same service.





We trust our shipping and packing methods and if there is anything missing or any breakage, we promptly send out another candle.  We are proud to say that, in the last year, we have had only two breakages!




We were candle makers before we started the Precious Gem Candles line.  We have 14 years of experience making high-end candles with high quality fragrances. The ingredients in our candles make a huge difference and really set our products apart. Our customers are consistently impressed with the unique scents we offer as well as the scent quality.




Visit our Facebook page. The photos of the gems we place in our candles are of excellent quality.  EVERY candle is guaranteed to have a gemstone in it with a retail value of $10 or more!  You will see many customers who have received gemstones worth $60 - $70 - $80, and a  few who have received gemstones worth $600 - $800 - $1200 in value!  And as you know, gemstones can continue to grow in value, making a Precious Gem Candle an investment.




Our customer service is top-notch.  We believe in giving great service, and comments from our customers on Facebook reflect that too!



Bottom line - we greatly value our customers (and that's not just cliche with us), and we express that value in our line of candle products, our gemstones, our shipping methods, and in every other way.  We are a company of high ideals, providing products that offer true value, and we conduct our business in the same manner.  The old adage, "You get what your pay for," certainly applies here!




What type of gemstones does Precious Gem use in their candles?

At Precious Gem Candles, we purchase natural faceted gemstones that are "Jewelry Store" quality. Our gemstones have been independently graded, meaning they are graded before we receive them. We are proud that our gemstones come from a reputable gemstone and diamond dealer, meeting the high demand and standards of custom jewelers. 99% of our gemstones are AAA grade with an occasional Super Fine stone, AA stone, or lab-created stone.

Our gemstone supplier deals in diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. The information provided for each stone we purchase helps us know that our stones are of the highest quality. We know the origin, luster quality, treatment, grade and carat weight of each gemstone. Our faceted gemstones are calibrated so that we also know the size of the gemstone is a standard size for easy setting and mounting.

How do you value your gemstones?

One of the ways to find out the value of your gemstone is to take it to a jeweler and ask them what they would sell a stone like yours for. If they are willing to take the time to weigh the stone and exam it under a 10x magnifier to evaluate the inclusions, cut and symmetry, they can give you an idea of it’s value.

Another method some use is an online valuation tool called GemVal. If you want to check the value of semi-precious gemstones, it is a free online service. To check the value of precious stones, you must have a paid subscription. However, there are some potential issues using GemVal. The site doesn't take into consideration the origin of the gemstone which is important to know when value and authenticity are concerned. Some of GemVal's reference graphics for choosing a matching color to your stone are off so it makes it hard to choose the appropriate color match. We have also found that often times GemVal over values a gemstone. You can try their free online service at gemval.com, but be aware that you might get a result that is higher than the real value of your gemstone.

When you purchase a Precious Gem Candle, we provide a method to find out the market value of your gemstone which is provided to us by our jewelry supplier. Because our supplier is in the jewelry store market, they stay current on the market value and wholesale values of gemstones (which can fluctuate quickly). You’ll find our market value to be on the conservative side of the value, but we think it’s better if you later find out your stone is worth more than to find out it’s actually less than one of the other valuation methods.

What makes one gemstone of the same type more valuable than another?


The four “C’s” were introduced to help consumers understand the factors used in grading diamonds. With a little modification, these are also helpful in determining the quality of a gemstone, but in a different order.

First, the purity and beauty of the color is the primary determinant in quality of a gemstone. Physical characteristics that make a colored stone valuable are color, clarity to a lesser extent (emeralds will always have a number of inclusions), cut unusual optical phenomena within the stone such as color zoning, and asteria (star effects).

With the use of 10x magnification, stones can be more accurately graded for clarity, although part of the grading process still involves use of the naked eye (assuming 20/20 vision). Hence, the term “eye clean.”