Our Heart | Precious Gem Candles

Our Heart

Precious Gem Candles

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission sets a clear focus for the products and service we provide our customers and our community. Our values define how we carry out our mission. Our vision demands that we consistently and effectively live up to both.

Our Mission 
We are committed to providing a unique gift-giving experience allowing each customer to give something extravagant that brings in elements of fun, surprise, design, delight and genuine value. In turn, through our sales and from our hearts, we financially support the awareness of and the rescue of children who are caught in the web of exploitation and abuse.  We call those children “precious gems.”  We are dedicated to the following:

  • Creating high-quality, soy blended luxury candles that are wildly fragrant, hand-poured into a reusable spa glass jar with a surprise gem hidden inside each candle, in fun “gift-ready” packaging.
  • Serving our customers, who enjoy giving unique gifts, in a friendly, caring and efficient manner.
  • Partnering with others with the vision to serve, support and rescue children trapped in human trafficking situations in this country and abroad.

Our Vision 
A responsive, customer-centered company known for:

  • Easy ordering
  • High quality products chosen for gifts that stand out from the everyday
  • Providing genuine value to the gift buyer and gift recipient
  • Standing firm in our support of ending the exploitation and abuse of children caught in human trafficking with truly caring employees that treat our customers as valued friends.

Our Values 
Above all else we value:

  • Excellence - Exceeding expectations through customer service, products and delivery.
  • Innovation – Creating new products to delight our customers that provide genuine value.
  • Dignity - Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person – our valued customers, employees and vendors.
  • Charitable Compassion – Giving in ways that demonstrate empathy and compassion for children who are powerless or lost.

Mission Statement 
We create innovative and unique gift-giving products that provide genuine value.  We present these products to our customers in a friendly, caring and efficient manner. As a company, we give of our time, money and talents to bring awareness to the countless children we call “precious gems” trapped in the web of human trafficking across the nation.




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