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Paraiba Topaz

Congratulations! You have found a Paraiba Topaz gemstone! Found in Brazil and treated to imitate the beauty of rare tourmaline, this gemstone has beautiful sparkle and luster. Topaz is a very hard material --8 on the Mohs hardnes scale.  Typically, colorless or pale topaz is heat treated and irradiated to produce a more desired darker blue color. Blue Topaz is the state gemstone of Texas, and light blue Topaz is found in the granite in Mason County, Texas. Topaz is associated with igneous rock and is found around the world. While topaz is very hard, it is not the most durable gemstone. That's because it has perfect cleavage, a property it shares with diamond. That means it can be chipped or split by a sharp blow, so it should be protected from hard knocks.
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