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Carrot Spice Cake - Scented Soy Wax Tart
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Imagine the most decadent carrot spice cake that you have ever smelled! Homemade, fresh, and coming straight out of the oven! As you close your eyes and breathe in, this amazing candle will surround you with the smells of your dreams.

About this Scent: 

Sweet, rich, just pulled from the oven fragrance. Dark brown sugar, fresh carrots, juicy pineapple and vanilla. Spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.
  • Our soy wax tarts are the same great scents offered in Precious Gem Candles. They come in the large 6.5 oz. size with a gemstone. Each large package of tarts contains a hidden gemstone valued from $10-$5000! Think of this genuine gemstone as a special blessing from us to you!

    * Our soy tarts create excitement for a natural fragrance experience!
  • How will I know what my gemstone is?
    Your gemstone has a code on it, which will take you to a website to discover the name, size, and quality of your gem. We can even tell you the estimated value of your stone if you follow the instructions with your candle!

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