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Lady Luxe - Scented Massage Tarts

About this Scent: 

A luxurious designer scent, you'll want to wear this fragrance. And you can wear this fragrance if you order it in our massage candle version!
  • Our massage tarts are an exclusive formula made specifically for Precious Gem Candles. They come in the large 6.5 oz. size. Each package of tarts contains a hidden gemstone valued from $10-$5000! Think of this genuine gemstone as a special blessing from us to you!

    * Precious Gem Massage Tart is formulated to melt at a low temperature so it's just the right temperature for your skin. Made from All-Natural ingredients of Palm Kernel Oil, Soy Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and fragrance (no dye).

    * Our massage tarts create excitement for a natural fragrance experience!
  • How will I know what my gemstone is?
    Your gemstone has a code on it, which will take you to a website to discover the name, size, and quality of your gem. We can even tell you the estimated value of your stone if you follow the instructions with your candle!

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