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Mermaid Tales - Scented Soy Wax Tart

About this Scent: 

Down deep in the sea are found creatures of mystery. Tales of mermaids spread far and wide. We searched the oceans deep to capture the scent of a mermaid to match with our candle of mystery. Buy a Mermaid Tales candle to reveal a mystery treasure and enjoy the mysterious scent of the oceans and mermaids true.
Mermaid Tales is a blend of refreshing ocean notes, peach, and pineapple, with cool cucumbers and stem green notes.
  • Our soy wax tarts are the same great scents offered in Precious Gem Candles. They come in the large 6.5 oz. size with a gemstone, or the small 3 oz size without a gemstone. Each large package of tarts contains a hidden gemstone valued from $10-$5000! Think of this genuine gemstone as a special blessing from us to you!

    * Our soy tarts create excitement for a natural fragrance experience!
  • How will I know what my gemstone is?
    Your gemstone has a code on it, which will take you to a website to discover the name, size, and quality of your gem. We can even tell you the estimated value of your stone if you follow the instructions with your candle!

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