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Wick Trimmer
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Durable. Functional. Patented. Trims to ¼ inch every time. Best of all, our state-of-the-art Candle Wick Trimmer comes with a lifetime warranty.

Most candle manufacturers recommend keeping a wick trimmed to ¼ inch at all times to reduce soot emissions and enhance burning performance. To prevent secondary ignition, they also recommend eliminating the presence of foreign matter, such as wick trimmers, into a candle. 

Our CleanCut 6" Wick Trimmer does both. It features a perfect handle angle and pre-measured foot – both of which are crafted to effortlessly trim any wick to ¼ inch, guaranteed! A precise cut ensures a cleaner, safer candle burning. Once cut, trimmings are collected in a built-in debris tray for easy disposal. 

As elegant as it is functional, our Wick Trimmer has an intricately detailed pattern gently carved into its durable stainless steel handles, accentuating any candle and home décor.

Type: Candle Care

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